Thursday, Sept 14         9:00am to 3:00pm

 Friday, Sept 15             9:00am to 3:00pm

            Fulfills Fed. requirement 36 USC 106 to teach the Constitution

                                  Bountiful Park   400 N 200 W Bountiful

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     Meet Joan of Arc

      Visit Christopher Columbus

         Learn from those who came on the Mayflower

         Visit the founders of Jamestowne

        Meet the Founding Fathers and Mothers

       Experience Colonial America

       Learn the meaning of the Preamble by playing games !


                                                  Immigrate through Ellis Island!                                                      Immigrate yourself and experience                                                          what it was like to qualify or not!

                                                Learn the Principles of the Constitution!                                                     Take part of the real Citizenship test!                                                       Take the real Oath of Citizenship!

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Bountiful Park ~ 400 N 200 W

   Parking and entrance on the North side of the park, via the Rec center parking lot.

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