Experience the different Forms of Government from around the world.

Discover the reason behind each of the Articles of the Constitution!

Have fun participating in activities and games that teach the significance and meaning of the Preamble to the Constitution!


Meet many of the Founding Fathers that had a key part in the creation of the Constitution including General George Washington (by Gary VanDozler),

Thomas Jefferson by Lanny Landrith,

Abraham Clark,

John Adams,

Benjamin Franklin,

George Whitfield,

John Hancock,

Henry Knox and others.  

Meet many of the Founding Mothers like Martha Washington,

Abigail Adams,

Sybil Ludington,

Emily Geiger,

Betty Zane,

Molly Pitcher,

Deborah Sampson and manymore!

Learn from Patriots that played an important part in the creation of this great nation!

Many new events this year!

Isaiah Thomas by Professor Gove Allen with his authentic printing press replica  


 New this year-

Isaiah Thomas and his printing press that printed the Constitution

Native American and his teepee

Founding mother spinning yarn on a spinning wheel

Real Cannon!

The Life of a Revolutionary War Solider -

Flintlock musket demonstration!

​Freedom Fighters

Meet the World’s greatest freedom fighters who set the stage for the founding of a new nation! Hear Joan of Arctell her own story!Christopher Columbusshares his real life experiences firsthand.

Meet one of the passengers on the Mayflower and learn about their exciting voyage and why they created the Mayflower Compact. You will have the opportunity to find out what it was like to settle the first American colonies; Jamestownand Williamsburg.

               Ellis Island

                               Ever wonder what it was like to immigrate to America through                                            Ellis Island?       

                               Learn about it firsthand from a real life immigrant and then

                               experience it yourself as you prepare and take the real                                                            citizenship test and then take the sacred Oath of                                                   Citizenship.

Entertainment ~

Thursday Sept 15

8:00:  Stage Show ~ George Washington and his Niece Nellie 

​George will entertain and enlighten you with first person                                                           stories of his life and the lives of the other Founders.

Friday Sept 16 ~ 

8:00: Stage show ~ Professor Gove Allen

You will absolutely love learning from the Professor ~ he is engaging, entertaining and you will learn about the principles of the Constitution in a fun and very interesting way.

Be inspired by the beautiful patriotic art of our own AnnMarie Oborn and learn about the selfless acts of our servicemen.

Meet a real life veteran and listen to his amazing story.

There are fun and interactive stage shows and dancing throughout the day so get ready to move!

                                          Step back in time!

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